aurora, colorado

When I first considered this picture after processing and scanning a couple months after making the exposure, my thoughts were on the unwieldy and confounding outcomes from working intuitively: I read the news and love Sugimoto’s theater pictures, yet when I made this photograph in Aurora, CO I was not thinking of the theater shootings, nor of Sugimoto, but eavesdropping on a telephone conversation between a long-haul trucker and the manager that was firing him.

I felt like I lucked out, in a way, that the picture could be read in such a comprehensive way, though I didn’t intend for those threads to come together in the picture.

Now I see this image, or one like it, as a near inevitability during the summer of 2014. Mass murder, violence against protesters, protesters against refugee children, and the crisis in Gaza were center stage during those months, as Andrea and I worked through the U. S. on a 13,000-mile dérive.


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