Part of Tarzana Syndrome:
Odor of Lions
, 2014-15
(Sarcacocca enfleurage pomade, extract from leather belt, cayenne, pine needles, sage, cedar exract, boxwood extract, Paco Rabanne $1 Million)
Top: As pomade, on display at the Henry Art Gallery, 2015 MFA/MDes Thesis Exhibition
Center: As urn-like core drilled from sidewalk, for “Tarzana Syndrome: The Bibliography”, spring quarter display for UW Built Environments Library, Gould Hall
Bottom: As scratch-n-sniff poster of Lee Iacocca, for the 2015 Bellingham National Art Exhibition and Awards

“George Hadley walked through the singing glade and picked up something that lay in the corner near where the lions had been. He walked slowly back to his wife. ‘What is it?’ she asked. ‘An old wallet of mine,’ he said. He showed it to her. The smell of hot grass was on it and the smell of a lion. There were drops of saliva on it, it had been chewed, and there were blood smears on both sides. He closed the nursery door and locked it, tight.”

—Ray Bradbury, “The Veldt”


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