Part of Tarzana Syndrome:

Mulholland Drive, named for San Fernando Syndicate kingpin William Mulholland, is the main route across Tarzana. Locate Tarzana on an iPhone, with the view magnified enough to see the names of the residential streets. Follow Mulholland west to the intersection with Topanga Canyon Boulevard, they will find a cluster of streets to the south named for Native American tribes: Cherokee, Apache, Zuni, Mohawk, Aztec. Zuni Street is the only of these streets to have a designation like “street”, “drive”, “boulevard”, etc. The houses have lot number addresses on Topanga Canyon Blvd. If the view is tight enough to see Navajo, it takes fewer than two pinches to zoom out to the point where the tribes’ names and the streets themselves disappear, just like the house at the end of “Poltergeist”.


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